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Short RL update + Disney icons

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AUGH it's 2am here. Remind me to actually post these at the comm tomorrow because I am too tired right now.
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Once Upon a Time icons

Have I mentioned that this show is wonderful? It is. It's so weird watching North American TV.

So I'm looking at these and I'm just... what is cropping idk. Some of these are weird. IDKIDK. Also how does Ginnifer Goodwin look so perfect all the time and why do I love Snow White so much. And ajflskjkghjkahgdj I love Graham but I don't know why because he's kind of a loser yes I know exactly why shut up. And I don't want to talk about 1.07 okay it makes my heart sad.

I should not post when tired.


001-028: Once Upon a Time
(1-16: 1.03 Snow Falls, 17-21: 1.01 Pilot, 22-28: 1.07: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter)

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71 Disney icons

Soooo I don't know where I got the time to make all of these, but here they are and I'm pleased with most of them. *shrug* As for any real life updates, I don't think there's anything to say... all my Christmas shopping is done. That's... exciting, I think?

Oh wait, I lied. University/college stuff! But I don't know what to say about that either. I got an email from the school I want to go to saying they set up an account for me on their website and all that, so I think I'm accepted (?), but it's been at least two months and I haven't got anything in the mail or anything actually saying you are accepted, so I am rather uncertain.

Also, my brother's girlfriend asked me to be a junior high youth sponsor/leader/helper/awesome person at church and I may or may not have said yes? It's not really the sort of thing I would normally do because I am unsociable and taciturn awkward but I felt like I was supposed to do it, so I said yes but IDK.

Confused Lanni is confused about life.

Aaaannndd these nearly all have the same colouring and textures (except for the really old ones) and I would feel really bad about that if I had the energy to care...

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001-007: Aladdin
008-011: Beauty and the Beast
012-019: Cinderella
020-029: The Lion King
030-036: Lilo & Stitch
037-040: Lady & the Tramp
041-047: Princess & the Frog
048-058: The Sword in the Stone
059-062: Snow White
063-071: Tangled

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(sleeping beauty) cursed princess

Sleeping Beauty icons for Disney2020

Real Life things:
The new job is fantastic. I first became aware of it when my boss disappeared one day and came back with lemon squares. You don't understand what this means to me. Lemon squares are my weakness. There are three desserts which, if you feed them to me I will love you forever and they are cheesecake, anything with chocolate, and lemon squares. This job is feeding me so well, I almost don't want to go to school next year, I want to stay and work. (Not that it's important, but we have also had raspberry coconut squares, blueberry pie, chocolates, and, on three separate occasions, chocolate chip cookies, two of which were homemade.) This job roxors, seriously.

I know I'm usually on the fence about my icon posts, but I am really quite pleased with this batch.

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001-030: Sleeping Beauty
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For Whatever We Lose - A Heroes of Olympus fanmix

Before I say sensible things, I would like to say that I am absolutely in love with Son of Neptune and I am seriously wondering if I have to rearrange my list of favourite authors and put Rick Riordan on the top, he is that awesome. And I have so much love for Percy Jackson himself that I have to keep reminding myself that he's fictional and my love for him is slightly irrational. Also Percy and Annabeth are perfection and one of my favourite literary couples.

Here, have a fanmix.
**River Song says spoilers! (For The Lost Hero and Son of Neptune)**
I wanted to make a happy, we-are-in-love-and-nothing-hurts, PJatO-era mix but I just keep angsting over their relationship in TLH/SoN, so this happened instead. Lots of references to oceans and forgetting. Bucket for creys not included.
Cover art: Logan Lerman as Percy (of course) because he was one of the very few good things about the movie, and Brie Larson (who I've never seen in anything) as Annabeth because she's blonde.

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A post, at long last.

*gasp* What is this? A real post? Inconceivable!

RL stuff:
I've sort of been offered another job, which I am going for a sort-of-interview for on Monday, and I am praying so hard that I get it because I really cannot do Walmart anymore. Though honestly, I'm going to miss my coworkers, and even the random people I see everyday but don't know. The new job would be at a little engraver's shop that's just down the street from not one, but two bookstores, and it sounds almost perfect. Given the situation (long story short, they called me and asked me to drop off a resume +other factors) I feel pretty good about getting it. The only reason I can think of that I might not (aside from them deciding I'm a lunatic/blunderer/somewhat useless, all of which is entirely fair and I ain't even bovvered by it) is because... dun dun dun... I am actually actually planning on going back to school next year. o_O

Yes, this means I have actually come to a decision about something, and something important, at that. Hold the phones and the mayo.

And yes, next year, and no, I haven't told my parents yet because it's in a ginormous city 2.5 hours away, and I don't think that telling them it was that or the one that's 14 hours away will help matters. BUT! It's also the city where my best friend is currently going to school so maybe we will get to be roomies and sit around listening to indie music and complaining about money together. Ugh, but my parents. They are going to have perpetual heart attacks every second for the rest of their lives because of this. I know this, and yet I'm still just gonna wait til I get the information package in the mail and be like 'OH DIDN'T I TELL YOU SILLY ME' and then they are going to kill me. Fun fact: I actually suck at breaking things to people gently, for reals. :P Especially considering I've hardly mentioned that I'm planning on going to school at all to them... ...like, maybe three? times...

And, if you're interested, I'm going to be taking English. So basically I'm going to have to bring all my books with me. O_O Which will be both delightful and a blasted nuisance. I'm not sure about minors and things yet, but I'm thinking psychology, though everyone says that's way more boring than you think it will be. (Side note: You'd be amazed how many people do not understand taking English in University. Saying that's my plan always gets me one of two responses. "Oh, so you didn't get a high enough mark in it in high school?" NO ACTUALLY I JUST FREAKING LIKE ENGLISH. :| Or my personal favourite: *confused stare* "But you already speak English." NO ACTUALLY I AM SPEAKING SWAHILI AND THE TARDIS IS TRANSLATING IT FOR YOU. :| Ugh, I just can't.)

After having nothing interesting at all happen to me for a year or more, two big things so close together has me acting quite idiotic. I even spelled my name wrong today. (And since I also cleaned up my laundry this afternoon, I warn you that the apocalypse is coming.)

Now, if you've made your way through all that rambling that I have so inconsiderately decided not to put behind a cut, here are some icons. :D

(Oh by the way, these are mostly what I would classify as rainbow barf and IDK what kind of sugar high I was on when I brought them into existence. By the way #2, Martha Jones is better than everyone and haters may take the exit located immediately to their left. Thank you from the management.)


001-030: Doctor Who
031-060: Primeval

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Princess and the Frog icons for Disney2020

Lol, if I actually get these posted in time with no shenanigans from LJ, it will be an absolute miracle.

Sometimes I realize that I have other Disney movies that I like more than PatF. Then I realize how much I icon it and then I think maybe not.

Apologies to myself for the lack of Naveen in this batch. You make me sad, self.

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001-025: Princess and the Frog

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ho hum.

So much long without posting!!! Oi. Basically, work is crazy and stupid, and next time I see my manager, I'm going to have to be brave and tell him that I can't do inventory next month, and he's going to have a conniption, and I am really not good at being brave and my manager is scary. And I'm actually considering quitting my job altogether and I just don't know what I am doing.

The good news is I bought a new laptop and the computer people saved all the stuff off my old one even the old one is toast, and that means I can post some new icons finally! Also, I am for reals going to get back into this and make MOAR STUFFS cuz I miss it a lot.

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001-027: Avatar: The Last Airbender (1.01 & 1.02)

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