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I hear you laugh, I heard you sing.

The wheels just keep on turning. The drummer begins to drum.

Things you should know about me:: I'm a Christian. I'm twenty years old. I live in Canada. I love to write. Sometimes I ramble about pointless things.

These are a few of my favourite things:: Sparkles. Purple. Chocolate. Christmas. Fairy-tales. Stars. Disney. Vintage clothes. King Arthur. Books, books, books. The Squire's Tales by Gerald Morris. Relient K. Mismatched socks. Artemis Fowl. Merlin. Speed Racer. Anastasia. CS Lewis. Wearing vests. The Queen's Thief. Diana Wynne Jones. Grace Kelly. My youth kids. Superheroes. Ribbons. Lace. Anberlin. The Fray. Christmas lights. Rick Riordan. Princess dresses. Old cars. Pride & Prejudice. Converse. Tim Drake. Poetry. Audrey Hepburn. Musicals. Organizing things. Brooke Fraser. Boys who wear suits. Gilmore Girls. Andrew Garfield's face. Earrings. Gail Carson Levine. Thunderstorms. Cats. Lord of the Rings. The Secret Garden. Plaid.

Somethings I'm not crazy about:: The word 'balogna'. Dust. Harry Potter. Wind. Talking. Cigarettes. Sleeping in the daytime. Crying. Puppies. Blueberries. Boredom. Makeup. Math. Goodbyes.

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